"...we could walk forever, walking on the moon"
Props & Gear
what is "foley"?

Portable Pits/Surfaces

Squeaky wood, polished wood, linoleum, marble, rough pavement, smooth pavement, dirt, sand, gravel, snow pit, carpet on wood, carpet on lino, tin roof, fiberglass boat, escalator

Large Props

Portable water tank, car door, shopping cart, bicycles, rubber raft, assorted squeaky chairs, couch, bed, various doors, cyclone fencing, windows, jail door, file cabinet, refrigerator, faucet, microwave, desk

Handheld Prop sounds

Wide assortment of guns and artillery (period and modern), swords and knives, antique typewriter, complete office prop inventory including books, papers, files, drawers, leather chairs, a wide selection of telephones and radios, computers, workshop tools, a full line of sports equipment including basketball hoop, all balls, rollerblabes, skateboard, roller skates, all kitchen props, a complete selection of fabrics and leather, saddle and bridle, a full selection of childrenís toys, smoking props, electronics old and new with many button sounds


Complete selection of great sounding menís and ladies footware, leading man shoes, womenís heels, sandals, slippers, work and army boots, western boots, tennis shoes, golf spikes, casual shoes, flip-flops, horse hoofs and all animal footsteps

The following equipment is available in a single, rolling, waist-high rack for mobile foley recording

Pro Tools

HD3 Accel (2), TDM Mix Quad (2), TDM Mix Cube (1), Digidesign 002 (2), Digidesign 001 (1), AMIII (2)


Yamaha NS-10m, Powered Yamaha HS-50M Monitors, Tannoy Red Reveals, Beyer F770 headsets, wireless headphones, Monster THX Subwoofer, KRK Rockit Sub- woofer, KRK Rockit 5 rear field, Sony micro


Carver PM-20T, Crown D-150A Series II, Pioneer SA 750, Peavey CS800X

Microphones and Preamps

Grace Preamp, Neumann U 87 Ai (2), Neumann TLM 103 (2), AKG 414 (2), Sennheiser 421 (3), Sennheiser 451 (1), Electrovoice RE-20 (1), Shure SM-57 (6), Sennheiser 416 shotgun (2), Mackie 1604 VLZ PRO (2)


Lynx / Timeline Timecode Modules (2), Mitsubishi 50" Monitor (2) Vizio 32", Sharp 27" ColorMonitor (2), RCA 13" Color Monitor, Sony Trinitron 19" Monitor, Sony SLV-575uc VCR, MiroMotion video capture card, MOTU Digital Timepiece, Blackburst Tone Generator, Frame-accurate lock to 24-track w /Pro Tools, Vizio 32" Flat screen HD, 17" Computer monitors (24), Canopus firewire video, Sony 3/4" Video deck. Sony 1/2" Video deck, Canopus


Apple G5 2.0 Dual (8 GIGS RAM) (2), Apple G4 Dual Boot/Dual Processor 1.25 (2 GIGS RAM) w Stealth serial port (2), Apple G4 400, Apple G3 330, Wacom tablets all computers


Apple OS X 10.4.8, 10.5.1, 10.3.2, 10.3.9, OS9. Pro Tools HD 7.4.1 cs6, 6.4.1 TDM, 6.4.1, LE 7.4, 6.4, 5.5. Kontakt, Komplete 4, East West and full Sample Library, Adobe Creative Suite, Macromedia Studio 8, Final Cut Pro 6 Studio 2, Sorenson, Microsoft Office, SnapzPro, FileBuddy, FileMaker Pro, Melodyne, Reason 3.0, Ableton Live, Toast, Jam, Amp Farm, Guitar Rig, Amplitube, Comprehensive Sound Effect, loop, and Orchestral libraries (over 3 Terabytes), Logic 8, Performer

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